Delta-8 THC and CBD Products are State and Federally Legal - Local Delivery available within 40 miles* - Let's Shop Local and do our part to #PRESERVETHECULTURE of Cannabis - New Delivery Hours Posted Below!

About Us

We're a small family owned delivery service excited about an opportunity in the emerging legal cannabis industry in Virginia. We have a passion for cannabis and hope for small business dominance in the market. It's up to each Virginian that fought so hard for legalization to forge a path for small business owners. Not only are there large companies trying to take over our market but large tobacco and pharmaceutical companies that will do anything to continue there corporate greed and destroy small farms and manufacturers. So remember when the time comes, to shop local and support small business to keep the Cannabis Culture we know and love, alive and well! We currently deliver State and Federally Legal Delta-8 THC and CBD products to anyone 21 years of age or older and within 40 miles of King George County. We hope to hear from you soon and Thanks ahead of time for supporting and growing our brand with us!